When You Move, Make Sure to Take All Your Belongings.

Moving is a big task, and you can make it easier with a little preparation . But if you are in a hurry and leave some belongings, you may lose your deposit or even get additional rent. Many homeowners do not consider you to have “moved out” until everyone has actually moved out.

A forgotten closet or a few things that won’t fit in your truck can have a bigger financial impact than you might imagine. Trulya explains how:

In some states and municipalities, you are not considered “evicted” until your personal property also vacates the premises, which means your landlord can charge you rent for the time your belongings stay on rent. unit. …

Your landlord may also have to legally evict the items you left behind, which may be reflected on your credit report as an eviction. Avoid any problems by taking all your belongings with you when you move (or simply selling them ).

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