Turn Overripe Tomatoes Into Tomato Water Instead of Throwing Them in the Trash

Overripe tomatoes may seem too soft for a sandwich, but according to the good experts at Bon Appetit, there is no reason to skip them. You’ll want to rinse out or cut off the mold, of course, but once you’ve taken care of that, you’re hours away from delicious tomato water, a light yet umami-filled liquid perfect for summer sauces.

You should check the link below for details and fancy options, but the method is pretty straightforward. First wash or scrape off any moldy residue. Then just chop them, salt to draw out the juice, mix everything together and let it brew overnight.

You can add tomato water to a light paste, add it to tuna salads, or (my favorite tip) add it instead of olive pickle to a dirty martini for a fresh cocktail that tastes right from the garden.

When Life Gives You Overripe Tomatoes, Make Tomato Water | Bon appetit


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