Make Sure That Your Easily Lost Earrings Do Not Come Off With Buttons

You will not be able to wear earrings in pairs if you constantly lose one of them . However, with a few standard clothing buttons, you can keep all of your earrings together.

Throwing earrings on a table, bedside table, or in a jewelry box is a recipe for disaster. They can be accidentally knocked down and hidden under the bed forever. Or they may hide in plain sight surrounded by many other earrings that you will have to sort through to complete the pair. Instead, Instructables user littleCUPCAKEZ suggests keeping them together always using buttons on trousers and jackets . This makes them easier to organize and makes it easier to travel with them. Of course, you can still lose a button, but with little jewelry, it’s always a risk.

How to keep your earrings together when traveling ”wiki useful Instructables


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