Make Clearing Clutter Easier by Ditching Hope

A cluttered home leaves less room for work, play, and play, but getting rid of it is often easier said than done. Sometimes the trick to finally breaking up with the mess is to get rid of the what-if.

You probably have a few things in your home that you know, deep down, you’ll probably never use again. So why are you keeping this? Apartment Therapy’s Adrienne Brough suggests there is one important reason most people cling to the mess:

You hope to use something again . In other words, you store things just in case .

Obviously, there are some things that fit this description that you don’t want to get rid of – essentials, most tools, and so on – but many of the things that you store with hope for the future will just remain. clutters up your home. There is a big difference between “I think I will need it again someday” and “I hope that someday I will need it again.” Be honest with yourself and start promoting your garbage-free campaign .

The Biggest Reason You Are Still Drowning In Clutter (And What To Do About It) | Apartment therapy


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