The Five Best Sites for Booking Cheap Tourist Tickets

Taking a little vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tons of great websites to help you plan your next trip, whether business or pleasure, and compare flights, hotels, train or bus tickets, all at no extra cost. Here are the top five in your nominations.

Earlier this week, we asked you to list the best travel booking sites that made it easy to find options, book tickets, find prices and great deals, and were easy to use. You offered a ton of options, but we only have room for the five that took first place in the nominations. Here they are, in no particular order:

Google Flights

Behind the relatively minimalist design lies the tremendous power of Google Flights. You have the ability to search for roundtrip, one-way or multiple flights, specify your preferred airline network, select flights that depart around a certain time (ideal if you want to save on beauty or hate getting up and want to fly in the second half days), and even choose how many stops you’re willing to endure. As with any good search engine, you can specify whether you want your tickets to be economy, business, or first, depending on how much you are willing to spend, and you can even set a price cap if you are on a budget. … However, after searching, you can select any of the flights listed to see the type of aircraft you will be flying, some useful information about it (more than average legroom, etc.), whether there will be Wi-Fi or electricity. for the flight and much more. The service guides you through the entire process, choosing your preferred flights and departure times, showing you alternatives, and finally prompting you to book your tickets. The site also has a number of recommended flights, discounts on certain destinations, and other travel deals on the front page, so if you’re looking for a last-minute trip or just a budget trip, there may be one you.

Those of you who have nominated for Google Flights praised it for its interface, simplicity and thoughtful design. You said that this service allows you to easily search for flights, get an idea of ​​how much a trip might cost, and then finally when you’re ready, just quickly book your tickets and the whole process will be repeated. Plus, since Google Flights is available and can be used on mobile and desktop platforms, you don’t need to be in front of your computer to buy tickets. You pointed out that you rated Google Flights prioritizing the best flights, allows you to search multiple airports to see if it’s cheaper to fly to another near your destination, and even shows you how much you’ll save if your travel plans are flexible. and you can fly later in the day or even another day close to your desired one. Read more in the nomination thread here .

ITA Matrix

The ITA Matrix has been around for a long time – and it got into the review when we last asked you this question. Since then, it has actually been acquired by Google, and its technology has been used to work with Google Flights, as discussed above, but the ITA Matrix still works on its own and is still a resource for the multitude of travelers looking for power tools to find the best. airline tickets, search and browse many travel options and get more information about their travel plans and opportunities than most search engines offer. The ITA Matrix focuses directly on flights, but offers additional information such as cost per mile, the ability to use advanced routing codes, permitting airport changes, adding or limiting stops, changing the “city of sale” and currency of your ticket, and much more. Whether you have a complex travel question, have extremely detailed plans or just want your search to be as varied and challenging as possible, this service has it. Even the calendar and results you get from your search engines are highly interactive and allow you to view information on specific flights, airlines, aircraft types, price changes as dates change, etc.

The ITA Matrix is ​​not the fastest, easiest or most streamlined option (in fact, while you wait for the results to appear, they suggest using Google Flights for faster results), but if you are a travel professional or need its wealth of features, there is no way to replace it. … Those of you who nominated it echoed this opinion, praised it for being still available after Google, and highlighted the fact that it makes it very easy to browse rates for a 30-day period. This means that if you want to travel sometime in the next month, you can see the average rates for each day of the month and choose the booking dates depending on when it is most affordable and also the most convenient. Read more in the thread of his nominations here .


Hipmunk was one of the first sites to make it easier to find flights rather than a bunch of airport codes, flags, and hard-to-analyze results. They’ve come a long way too, including hotels , then helping you find deals on hotels close to your other travel plans , and even adding rate alerts so you don’t miss out on price cuts. The site is also surprisingly easy to use, and also introduced an agony filter for the first time in addition to prices, dates and departure times – so you know if your experience on a particular flight will be painful or easy, regardless of whether you are likely to. you will be on a difficult long-haul flight with long stops and changing gates, or you will travel non-stop without any problems. You can, of course, sort by cost, compare flights with each other and see when they depart and how much time will be on your journey, on a convenient schedule, see the time and duration of transfers on the same schedule, and much more. Once you’ve booked your flight, you can also rent cars or hotel rooms, making it much easier to complete the job (and save a little money at the same time). Of course, you can sort by landing time, take-off time, stops, choose direct, choose your favorite airline, or even sync your own calendar to see which flights match your schedule and previously scheduled appointments and activities.

Those of you who have nominated Hipmunk have praised all of these features, pointing out that even with other contenders in the mix, Hipmunk remains one of the easiest to use and respected travel booking sites that doesn’t make a ton of money from it. fees and other related costs, and instead passes on the lowest airline prices to you. It is also very useful for simple price comparisons if you are planning a trip, or for finding packages or travel packages if you are looking to save some money. Plus, the Behemoth’s mascot, this little chipmunk, is damn adorable. Read more in the thread of his nominations here .


Skiplagged saves you money on flights using a kind of ingenious tactic: instead of booking your flights directly to your destination, the service looks for direct flights and flights that go to another destination but stop or change in the destination city. This means, of course, that you are flying with a bunch of people who inevitably go somewhere else, so you cannot do things like check in your baggage (because that baggage will go to the final destination of the flight), but you can hammer the deal. because you only choose half the way. Of course, Skiplagged also looks for direct flights, so you can choose what you like best. The method is so controversial that United Airlines filed a lawsuit against the company (now denied) . Likewise, if you want to fly on a plane for a while, Skiplagged will even show you flights that seem to be connected everywhere but the destination, which is time-consuming but also saves you money. Among other things, this is a great way to find affordable flights if you have flexible travel times and do n’t like checking your luggage .

Those of you who have nominated Skiplagged pointed to this service as a great way to get flights for a fraction of the price you might get elsewhere, pointing out the fact that airlines often go out of their way to hide such a loophole. from the public (so you’re (you’re stuck buying direct flights, not just getting off at connections or transfers), so it’s a good idea to use services like Skiplagged while they are out. Read more in the nomination thread here .


Skyscanner is another easy-to-use flight search engine that searches for flights, hotels and rented cars and tries to make sure you get the most affordable prices, whether you are flying domestically or internationally. It’s a little easier than some of the others in the review, but if you want to see what the lowest possible fares are, this is a great resource to help you find them. Best of all, the site makes it easy to find combinations of tickets that would otherwise be difficult to find or difficult to disassemble on your own, and you can see if the unique combination of airlines and transfers will save you a significant amount of money (or enough to cost the extra hassle.)

Those of you who have been nominated for Skyscanner have noticed that you found some great fares on flights to distant destinations using a service you would not find anywhere else, and you have used it to compare ticket prices to other sites and from directly to airline websites to see if you can save. Best of all, you indicated that Skyscanner is completely free to use, does not charge any booking related fees, and when you find a way to combine routes or bookings that works for you, you are transferred to airlines, hotels or rentals. car companies to place orders, not through them. Read more in the nomination thread here .

Now that you’ve seen the top 5, it’s time to put them to a vote to determine the community favorite:

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Honorable mentions

This week we want to give a special highlight to Vander . Wanderu does not search for flights at all – it is mainly used for booking buses and trains and can help you find affordable tickets if you prefer ground transportation to air travel. We singled them out before when they were newbies, but they’ve expanded their coverage to rail and bus routes across the United States (and some of them in Canada). Wanderu supports major bus carriers like Greyhound to low-cost bus operators like Boltbus. and Megabus, as well as train tickets via Amtrak and the regional rail lines you plan to travel on. You can read more in their nominations thread here .

Do you have anything to say about one of the applicants? Want to substantiate your personal favorite even if it wasn’t on the list? Remember, the Top 5 is based on your most popular nominations from the Call for Applicants thread earlier this week . Don’t just complain about the top 5, let us know which option you prefer and justify it in the discussions below.


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