MoveBuddha Compares Moving Costs and Offers Personal Assistant Assistance

moveBuddha is a new service that makes it easy for professional movers to select, get a storage container, or move on your own. Enter the zip codes back and forth for how much and when you need to move, and you will see estimates for each type of move, as well as a suggestion for an assistant to help with the details.

Moving is quite a hassle without having to do all the research and dig into each type of move and then relocation companies for everyone, so moveBuddha is here to make this process easier. If I pretended to be moving from Washington to Los Angeles, the site showed me options for renting my own truck, using a trucking service to move all of my belongings, using a storage container, or hiring professional movers to do the job for me. … Each option is shown with a range of prices that you can expect to pay as well as additional services that you are likely to receive. For example, professional movers likely include the cost of things like fuel and labor in their prices, and you will save that money with a storage container (although if you want someone to load and unload the container for you, this will be optional.)

Best of all, the site is easy to use and gives you a great head start if you’re thinking about moving long distances but don’t know where to start. If you are still struggling, the service gives you the opportunity to get a personal assistant to help you plan the details and choose the best option for you. Click on the link below to launch it.



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