No, Skinny Jeans Are Not Hazardous to Health

Have you heard of the woman whose skinny jeans took her to the hospital? Not so fast – the danger of skinny jeans is seriously exaggerated.

The unnamed woman was called a “fashion victim” by doctors who published a case study about her in the BMJ . She suffered nerve damage from squatting all day (as did the strawberry pickers in previous reports), and jeans only played a role in the complication that followed that initial problem, when a swelling in the jeans caused damage to a second nerve.

Why has this story circled the globe as a warning about fashionable jeans, and not about squatting all day or ignoring your feet as they go numb, or wearing plaster casts and bandages (where this problem occurs more often )? It fits perfectly into the stories we love to tell about people (usually women) who stupidly prefer stylish clothes. Compare with the rumor that went around 30 years ago about a woman who was allegedly crushed to death by skinny jeans . It doesn’t matter if skinny jeans were really a health hazard, people would fall on the sidewalks every day.

For more information on the rare and unlikely dangers of fashion, see the link below.

Don’t Throw Out Your Skinny Jeans – Unless Your Feet Is Sensitive | Forbes

Photo by Joel Bedford .

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