T-Mobile Announces Phone Rental Program With Three Updates a Year

Never let it be argued that T-Mobile is unwilling to risk its business model. The company today announced a new customer upgrade plan that will allow users to upgrade up to three times a year. No additional fees are required. The only catch: technically, it’s a rental program.

When we’ve looked at early update plans in the past , they range from what might be normal under certain circumstances to outright scams. This is a new plan from T-Mobile called Jump! In fact, On Demand seems fine if you really want to keep up to date. The program itself is technically free. There is no monthly fee just for the game. You will simply pay a monthly fee in addition to your phone bill. This fee varies by device, but for reference, T-Mobile currently has an iPhone 6 offer for $ 15 a month.

The lease period is 18 months, after which you must either turn in the device or use the “buy option”, which will allow you to buy the phone at a set price (for the iPhone offering, it is $ 164). However, you can go to the T-Mobile store and change devices up to three times a year. This will start the process again, but you can get away with a new phone and the cost will be included in your monthly plan.

The main drawback, of course, is that you won’t have any of your devices unless you take the opportunity to purchase. It sucks if you’re the type to sell your phone or remodel old ones . On the other hand, if you are the type of person who loves to play with a new beauty, or are simply tired of your phone getting out of date so quickly, this plan might be for you.

T-Mobile presents the all-new JUMP! On request ยป | T-Mobile via Android Police


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