Install Your Tile Backsplash in Less Time With a Tiling Mat

Installing a tile backsplash can be time consuming, but a tile mat will help you get it done faster.

Tiles require a thin mortar or mastic to adhere the tiles to the wall. Both can be a little messy and difficult to iron out. Try a tiling mat instead.

A tile mat is like double-sided tape. Just cut it to the desired height and length and attach it to the wall. Then remove the base and press the tile firmly against it. Unlike thinner, which needs to dry overnight, you can wipe down the tiles right away and then remove them.

For any tile backsplash project, you’ll also need chalk line, a utility knife, a wet saw, and a ruler.

You can buy a mat for laying the tile in Lowe’s for $ 27 per 15 square feet or Home Depot for $ 22 per 10 square feet.

Here’s another step-by-step example of using Mussel Bound to install a marble tile backsplash.

How to Install a Glass Tile Apron | This Old House (YouTube)


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