Don’t Waste Money With Vending Machines Looking at Spirals

It pisses me off when you pay the vending machine for a snack just to watch it get stuck and not fall over. Pick a properly loaded appetizer, however, and you won’t lose your money.

Reddit user DankoJones84, a vendor of snacks and drinks, says that items should be loaded into the vending machine with the bottom corners in front of (through) the spiral, but sometimes the person refills the vending machine incorrectly.

In the image above, the elven crackers and baked chitos in the far right are more likely to get stuck as the spiral probably won’t spin enough to drop the item. In other words, if you see the spiral as a full circle and not as a partial circle, do not select this element.

LPT: How To Avoid Losing Money At Vending Machines | Reddit via BGR


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