Combine OneNote and Outlook to Create a Powerful Project Management System

The Outlook Tasks feature is pretty simple and straightforward. If you want to simplify your Outlook tasks with organization and space for details, integrate the awesome OneNote note-taking tool with Outlook.

MakeUseOf indicates that you can enable a OneNote add-in in Outlook (under File> Options> Add-Ins) that will bring OneNote icons to Outlook. Then, when you receive emails that need to be assigned as tasks, you can create a task in Outlook, highlight it, and send it easily to OneNote.

In OneNote, create a Task Management folder for this purpose and a new section for each project. Tasks you submit from Outlook will be pages in a section of your project.

The beauty of this is that you can save everything related to a task to the OneNote Tasks page, including pasting tables, screen clippings, files, and / or links.

Read the article below to find out more about this.

Turn Outlook into a project management tool with OneNote Integration | MakeUseOf


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