This Video Shows You How Easy It Is to Peel Oysters With a Paring Knife.

Fresh oysters are difficult to open unless you know what you are doing, and usually you need a sturdy knife to peel them. This method of opening the oyster from the front can be safely done with a regular paring knife.

We’ve already shown you how to safely peel the back loop from an oyster , but this method is slightly different. As Chef Grant Lee Crilly explains in this video from YouTube’s ChefSteps , opening an oyster from the hinge is like picking open a door with a crowbar, and it’s more like picking a lock. Instead of shaking the oyster off its noose, you take a simple peeler knife and swing it in the front fissure so that you can cut the adductor muscle. After that, it will open easily and you can serve it however you like. Keep in mind that this method may work better for certain varieties of oysters, while the loopback method is better for others.

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