This DIY Altoid Tin Solar Charger Keeps Your Gadgets Working

This Altoids tin charger won’t replace your traditional high capacity power bank, but it’s easy to assemble, recharge in the sun, and teach you a thing or two about electronics projects. Plus, it’s small enough to put in your pocket or take with you wherever you go, and it can be charged in the sun.

To implement this project, you will need several components, for example, a soldering iron, several AA batteries, a solar panel of 4 V or higher ( this is provided in the project), a USB charging circuit and a wire. Putting the parts together is probably more difficult than actually putting the final product together – everything fits nicely in a tin can, including the USB port from which you’ll charge your devices. You can keep the tin can closed when charging your gadgets, and when you need to recharge your battery, just open the top and place the solar panel on the light and you’re done.

Follow the link below for a complete step-by-step guide and step-by-step guide, as well as links to get the ingredients to try it yourself.

Solar Altoids USB Charger | Instructables


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