Relieve Vertigo by Straining Your Leg Muscles

A dizzy spell can come from anything. In order not to lose consciousness, Dr. Stephen Lamm suggests tightening the muscles in your legs.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Lamm notes that nausea is often a physiological response to fear, as blood vessels dilate, blood pressure drops and blood flows to the legs. So, you need to make it move again:

Dr. Lamm suggests an easy antidote to disgust: tense your leg muscles and then relax them over and over again. “We have a fixed amount of blood in our bodies, so if you can get it far from your heart, you have a better chance of getting that blood into your brain,” and keep yourself from fainting, he says.

Lamm talks specifically about how to deal with squeamishness at the sight of blood, but this should work for most times when you feel a little dizzy.

How to overcome disgust at the sight of blood “wiki useful The Wall Street Magazine


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