Make a Motivational Speech by Following These Four Steps

Pep conversations are hard. You need to raise the morale of your friend and listen all the time, but not patronize him. In the Wall Street Journal, they have compiled a series of steps that will help you best inspire.

Advice is a special blend of listening, acknowledgment, and morale-boosting. The Wall Street Journal provides some advice:

  1. Listen : This is probably obvious, but before you start lifting the roof, take some time to listen to the person’s fears and then repeat them again so that they feel like they are being heard.
  2. Confirm : This is a real part of the conversation. Tell your friend that he is great and confirm your strengths. The best kind of parting word usually involves what they already know about themselves. But stay away from clich├ęs like “time heals” or “you can overcome.”
  3. Be there : Tell the person that you believe in him and that you will be there if he needs something.
  4. Know when to stop : this is the most important thing. Tell me, then shut up. Do not argue or try to convince them of anything else.

Of course, there are times when really nothing can be done. In such cases, the best thing you can do is distract the person. But if they want this inspiring conversation, it’s worth it.

How To Give The Most Motivating Speech | Wall Street Magazine


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