Attract More People to Your Yard Sale by Displaying High-Value Items

When you’re doing a sale, most of your customers are likely to be passersby. Attract more of them by getting more value from your retail strategy.

You may have a natural tendency to put your expensive tickets near your vacation spot so you can keep an eye on them, but Jennifer Hunter of Apartment Therapy recommends putting them right in front of you:

Think about what would make you stop your car to shop at a random sale you’re going through. If you’ve seen a lot of furniture, bicycles, or other great finds from your yard sale, you’re much more likely to stop.

When selling high-value items throughout the day, be sure to restock your storefront stocks so it always seems like you have something worthwhile. Planning and optimizing your yard layout will help you sell more faster, so don’t give up on it.

7 Ways To Make Your Garage Sale The Most Successful | Apartment therapy


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