This Video and Interactive Article Explains How the Code Works.

From computers in cars to ATMs that spit out our money, our lives are driven by software and hardware. However, not everyone knows how the code actually works and why it is so important. Bloomberg Businessweek’s Explanation will educate and keep you interested in the topic of programming.

The video above is kind of TL; The DR version of the massive 38,000 word “article” on Bloomber Businessweek. While the video is a good three minute introduction, Paul Ford’s interactive article “What Is Code” is a great read.

It takes a convoluted coding subject and makes it clear by offering fun exercises to demonstrate each point. The article, for example, has a demo that mimics a schema, another demo that changes the attributes of the web page you’re reading (don’t click Destroy All!), And a Clippy-like character who talks to you as you read. (if you scroll too fast, you will be asked if you are actually reading or just viewing the article). There’s even a hot-or-not widget that lets you evaluate your code:

The article also explains the culture of programming, why programmers are so serious about which programming language they take, why learning to program is so difficult , and other issues and trends in the industry.

Regardless of whether you are interested in programming on your own, it is worth learning how software and technologies work as they “eat the world.” This may be the most interesting, thorough and simple way to do it, although it will take a long time to read.

What is a code? | Bloomberg Business


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