The Best Day of the Week to Shop at Whole Foods

Shopping at Whole Foods has its ups and downs , but there is one day of the week when shoppers like you have the most ups: Wednesday.

Short selling can happen almost anytime on a popular grocery chain, but according to Molly Sigler , content editor and Whole Foods blog, there is a day when you can save the most. Here’s what she told Mallory Schlossberg in Business Insider:

“New weekly sales start on Wednesday and run until next Wednesday, so virtually every Wednesday there is a double sale! Stores regularly run one-day or weekend sales for specific items ranging from packaged goods to fresh produce, wine and beer. “

As you may know, Whole Foods isn’t the cheapest place to shop, but they still have quality food . If you can catch a Wednesday double sale, you can probably save your wallet from the trip.

How to Save Money on Whole Foods | Business Insider


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