Bird Merlin Helps You Identify Birds With Five Simple Questions

iOS / Android: Maybe you are a birdwatcher, or maybe you were just puzzled by a bird sitting on your fence. A quick Internet search can help you identify it, but doing so requires exploring the myriad of options and filtering out the most suitable ones. Bird Merlin finds your bird by asking you a few simple questions.

At the moment, the app identifies birds only in Canada and the United States, excluding Hawaii. The instrument came from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. All you have to do is answer five questions: where did you see the bird, when did you see it, how big it was, what color it was and what it was doing.

From there, the app gives you a list of possible varieties based on your location and time of year. He also gives some details about the bird, and you can listen to what this species sounds like. You can also browse the database to find detailed information on other birds.

Once downloaded, the app asks for your email address, but you can click skip now to use the app without it. If you send your email, they will send you updates, but you can always opt out. You also don’t need to allow the app to access your location; you can just enter the zip code where you saw the bird. Here are some details on how they use your information in their privacy policy:

We do not sell or profit from your name and address. It is Cornell Lab’s policy to never trade or sell email addresses or phone numbers. You can send a message to our group of members if you would like your entry to be coded “Do not trade”, and we would be happy to not include your name and address in our exchanges with other conservation organizations.

You can read more about their policies here . Try it yourself by following the link below.

Merlin Bird ID (Google Play)

Merlin Bird ID (Apple Store)


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