Straighten a Bent Recipe or Jigsaw Blade in Seconds

Reciprocating and jigsaw bent blades are common. Instead of throwing out a bent knife or trying to straighten it by hand, do this simple trick to get the blades back into working order.

Circular saw blades bend quite a bit, but they cannot handle the bending before bending. Avoid straightening them with your hands, as you can burn or cut yourself, and the pliers can leave a kink in the blade where you try to bend it again.

To straighten, lay the blade flat on a 2×4 crowbar with an upward bend. Hit the blade several times with a hammer to smooth out the bend. Be careful not to touch the teeth on the blade as this could damage them. Watch the video above to find out more.

Unbend Saw or Jigsaw Blade | John Hayes (YouTube)


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