Companies With the Best Maternity Leave Policies

While there are no federal laws requiring companies to have paid parental leave, there are companies that offer great options for new mums and dads. These are companies with the best policies for young and future fathers.

The Family Leave and Medical Leave Act requires employers to give new parents 12 weeks of unpaid leave, but in some cases this is beyond the legal limit. Fatherly’s parenting site for men has compiled all the best parenting leave rules into one big list. Here are the top five companies:

  1. Google: Seven weeks of paid parental leave, or 12 weeks if you’re the primary caregiver, among other perks such as share transfers and discounts on nannies.
  2. Facebook : 17 weeks of paid parental leave (longest in the country).
  3. Bank of America : Paid Parental Leave for 12 weeks plus an additional 14 weeks without pay if you wish.
  4. Patagonia : Eight weeks of paid parental leave and onsite childcare.
  5. State Street : Paid parental leave of four weeks. You can use these weeks flexibly as they try to make it easier to work from home or shorten your schedule.

If you are looking to start a family in the future, it is a good idea to consider how long you will need in the future. The more help you get at home the better, so be sure to plan accordingly . It should also be noted that most of these companies have great policies for young parents in general, not just fathers. The full list includes 50 companies with great vacation policies, which you can check out at the link below.

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