Use a Lettuce Leaf As a Temporary Basting Brush

If you don’t grill often (or forgot your grill), you may not have a basting brush. Luckily, you can easily replace it with a few sturdy lettuce leaves.

You probably already have a salad in the fridge (or near the salad grill), just grab a sturdy leaf or two and dip the end in your favorite sauce. Then use the leaf to spread the sauce on the meat or vegetables. You will be able to control how much sauce you use, better than if you just pour the sauce straight from the bowl, and once you taste it, you might like it more than a regular basting brush (which can be tricky to clean). Try to choose larger leaves so that your hand is not too close to the warmth and you can squeeze them well. Plus, if you have a bunch of fresh herbs, you can always use it . More tips on what to use as an impromptu basting brush can be found at the link below.

3 Ways to Make Homemade Grill Basting Brushes Out of Food | America’s Test Kitchen


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