Four Vegetables You Can Grow on a Windowsill to Use Again Every Week

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to get fresh ingredients cheaply, especially if you have your own garden. However, these four vegetables do not need a vegetable garden and can be grown every week.

The best food is free food, and some vegetables may continue to provide food after being eaten. Jaime Brockway of Food52 recommends four types of vegetables that you can grow continuously with just a bowl or glass partially filled with water and a little sunlight:

  1. Romaine lettuce : Cut off 3 inches of the lettuce butt and place it in a container that will allow the water to cover the bottom half. Place in sunny window.
  2. Chives : Use a clear container in which the bow tilts but does not tip over. Pour in water and make sure there is a lot of sun on it.
  3. Fennel : Pour the bottom half of the onion with water from a container and place on a windowsill.
  4. Carrot greens : Save the tops of the carrots and place them in a shallow bowl of water. Place in a sunny place.

Depending on how many plants and vessels you have, you can potentially grow most of your food each week without any effort. To learn more about this process, to see what you can make with these vegetables, and what other vegetables you can grow just as easily, follow the link below.

Use, Grow, Repeat: 4 Vegetables That Grow in One Week | Jaime Brockway


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