Check First Class Ticket Prices Before Booking an Economy Class Flight

A comfortable first class seat usually costs as much as you’d expect – far too expensive for many of us. But sometimes the first class is even cheaper than the economy class.

FareCompare’s Rick Sini writes on ABC News about how to find a first class ticket about $ 550 cheaper than economy class to travel from Los Angeles to New York. Two factors probably played a role: it was a last-minute flight, a flight the next day, and a flight with elite seats required a stop, while the economy was non-stop. The stop seems like a fair compromise in exchange for free drinks and other perks of staying in a luxury cabin.

Even if you don’t find first class fares that are cheaper than buses, you can find ones that are close enough to offset the small difference. You can find these rates through the ITA Matrix or you just get lucky, as Sini did.

It’s worth checking out the next time you book your flight anyway.

Economy is always cheaper than first class and other myths about air travel | ABC News


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