The Most Affordable Small Towns in Every State

We know that the cost of living varies quite a bit depending on where you live. Some states may have expensive cities, but that doesn’t mean there are no cheaper options nearby. Here are the most affordable townships in each state.

Business Insider developed this list based on information from the Census Bureau. You can read their full methodology here , but they break it down like this:

we looked at cities with populations ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 people whose households spend no more than 30% of their annual income on housing costs. We looked at the average cost of three types of housing – owned homes with a mortgage, homes owned without a mortgage or rent – and took them as a weighted average for the share of each type of home in the city.

Again, these are based on averages, so mileage will obviously depend on factors such as housing type and income. A complete list can be found at the link below, but here are a few highlights:

Massachusetts: Brookfield. 79.4% of homes are affordable. This New England city invites visitors to enjoy the area’s beautiful scenery through tree-lined streets and historic Victorian homes. Brookfield is a great place for locals too, with a culture committee that sponsors numerous events, including summer concerts, a Memorial Day parade, a pumpkin festival, and a tree-lighting ceremony.

California: Kettleman City 85.9% of Homes Affordable Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco lies Kettleman City, a farming town known for its proximity to the Kettleman Hills oil hotspots. The community is also close to the California Aqueduct and the controversial hazardous waste disposal facility in Kettleman Hills.

New York: Peru 89.7% of homes are affordable About 30 minutes from the Canadian border, Peru is on the New York side of Lake Champlain. Peru has a rich military history, especially during the French-Indian War. Today the chaos of war has replaced the small town with beautiful, tourist-attracting apple orchards and dairy farms.

Hawaii: Maunavili 74.5% of homes are affordable. Tourists flock to Maunavili, Oahu for its scenic trails and scenic waterfalls – sometimes to the chagrin of residents. However, Maunavili is home to more than just tourist attractions – it is also close to Ulupo and Kukunono Heiau, which are sacred Hawaiian temples.

For a complete list, follow the link.

Most Affordable Towns | Business Insider


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