Set up Your Spin Bike Correctly With These Tests

You walk into SoulCycle or spin class ready to hop on the bike – only to find that it is fit for someone else and not you. If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably ask an instructor or friend for help, but over time it’s worth knowing how to set up a versatile bike to suit you perfectly.

The Daily Burn post gives you three tests you can use to determine if your seat and steering wheel are properly installed. Height is important (chances are your seat is too low), but did you know that the seat also slides back and forth?

To find the ideal seat-to-handlebar distance, sit on the saddle with both pedals at the same distance from the ground. “Imagine a rope with a weight coming down from your knees. If the seat is adjusted properly, the string will land just above the [forefoot] ball, ”says [instructor Daniel Devine Baum].

Follow the link below you will find detailed information on all three tests, as well as additional information on the use of the pedals with studs, while your legs do not break away from the pedals in the rotation time.

4 Mistakes You Make When Setting Up Your Spin Class Bike | Daily burning

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