Make Presentations Fun and Memorable With the “rule 1, 2 … 4!”

A good presentation is like a good joke. You don’t want things to be too predictable, otherwise it would lose all of its power. Keeping “1, 2 … 4! rule “when composing a presentation .

People are good at seeing patterns. Whether it’s a comedy or a presentation at work, people don’t seem to get carried away if they can figure out the pattern. If you’ve ever heard a predictable joke, you know exactly what it sounds like. Comedian Rajiv Satyal explains how good presenters use “1, 2 … 4! comedy rule to keep things interesting:

They look like they’re about to set a template, but then break it when it’s about to become one of them. In this example, you think I am counting, but when you hear “4” you know that I am doubling the numbers. In hindsight, it makes sense. (But it’s not 1, 2, 7! That would be random.) Jokes work because of the element of surprise. Too many business presentations are something that people already know (1, 2 … 3!) Or that people don’t know what to do (1, 2 … 7!). Give them something memorable and fun.

Various aspects of comedy apply to all things in life. Not only because most people have a sense of humor, but also because there is as much strategy in comedy as in everything else. If you can find a way to surprise your audience a little bit, you can ensure that your performance will at least be remembered.

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