Complete Job Applications Stating Your Target Salary, Not Past Salary History

You usually can’t fill out an online job application without specifying what you’ve earned in each of your past jobs. However, you don’t need to share your salary history because it doesn’t concern anyone but you.

Rather than mentioning what you were paid in past and present jobs, Forbes contributor Liz Ryan advises you to specify the number you are aiming for in your current job search. Therefore, for each previous job, write the same number (for example, 55 thousand dollars).

No, you did not make $ 55,000 in all of these positions, but on your job application you will add a note that “All salary figures shown in this application reflect my current target salary.” If there is no blank comment field to add this note, you can use the optional past assignments section to add it.

This is a similar strategy where the interview is asked how much you are currently earning – dismiss the unnecessary question by focusing on your target salary . However, if you don’t want your target salary to immediately disqualify you, you can specify $ 1 , but that sounds a little riskier.

Ryan says online job applications are usually a waste of time, but if you’re going to fill them out anyway, at least you don’t have to share what you’ve earned in a past job – information that has nothing to do. with your current job. work searches.

How To Fill Out An Online Job Application Without Revealing Your Salary History | Forbes


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