Get Some of the Benefits of Trail Running Without Leaving Town

Trail running trains your feet and leg muscles as opposed to road running, but you can mimic some of the benefits of the trail without leaving your hometown – you just need to get creative.

Cobblestone streets can provide an uneven surface to strengthen your legs and ankles, and running up stairs (whether in a stadium or in a skyscraper) replaces some of the hill exercises. Meanwhile, gym exercises such as plyometrics and agility exercises provide an opportunity to practice fast footwork.

While these exercises are not a must for the dedicated city dudes, they are a must if you are hoping to run cross country or run a lot during your summer camping vacation. In this case, don’t forget to prepare for downhill runs as well. Amanda Macmillan writes on Outside:

Incline treadmill training can also improve cardiovascular health. But also try to find real hills (or a treadmill with a negative slope feature). “The eccentric contractions from downhill running are very difficult to imitate, except in reality,” says [ultra runner and trainer Zach] Bitter. “Climbing workouts on trail stretches are much easier to replicate with strength building exercises.”

If you have your own treadmill, you can raise the rear of the treadmill to achieve a negative incline. Running up the stairs, especially at a fast pace, is also a good workout for downhill skiing. Check out the link below for trail training tips you can do in the big city, and don’t forget our guide to safe and enjoyable trail running .

How can city dwellers train for trail running? | outside

Photo by Steve Baker .

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