Sharpen Your Splitting Ax After Each Use for a Cleaner Cut in the Field

Axes are reliable tools, but for them to work at their best, the blade (or “attachment”) must be sharp. Here’s how to maintain that edge with a couple of basic tools.

Ax and ax blades can wear out after one or two sessions of wood splitting. Sharpening a blade is a do-it-yourself process that requires a file and a pen , a file (to clean the file), and a whetstone . A table vise with soft jaws (to protect the wooden handle) is also handy to keep the ax stationary while filing.

Check out the link below to learn how to properly use the file and whetstone, and watch the video above to see the process in action. If you’re still in the mood for sharpening knives , also read about how to sharpen knives .

How to sharpen an ax | Wranglerstar


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