Make a Comfortable Waist Hanger Out of a Wooden Hanger

It’s good to have some good belts in your wardrobe, but you might not want them to take up space in your dresser or elsewhere. This simple belt hanger takes up virtually no space in your closet and costs almost nothing to make.

This design by Martha Stewart can be hung on a clothes hanger in your closet or even on the back of your door. All you need is a wooden hanger (with a wooden support at the bottom), an electric drill, and some cup hooks. Drill small, evenly spaced holes in the support beam at the bottom, approximately 2 inches apart, and then screw in the hooks. You can buy wooden clothes hangers for about a dollar apiece, and cup hooks can be purchased at your local hardware store for just a few dollars. … The design is simple yet effective and quite pleasing to the eye.

Daddy Belt Hanger | Martha Stewart via Make


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