Google Android Keyboard Can Now Sync Your Dictionary Across Devices

Android: One of the most useful features of Google’s Android keyboard is keeping a personal dictionary. Not only does this preserve the words you use that aren’t necessarily present in a regular dictionary, but it can also be a handy shortcut . Now your custom changes can sync across devices.

Stricly speaking, the ability to sync the dictionary has been kind of available for a while , although it was only available through the Google Account dashboard, which is a pretty silly place for it. You can now manage your sync options right in your Google keyboard settings. Finally, you no longer need to re-learn all the nuances of a new device. The update is currently rolling out, or you can skip the queue and get the updated version with APK Mirror here .

Updated Google Keyboard to 4.1 with Personal Dictionary Sync, Physical Keyboard Emoji Access and More | Police Android


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