If You Want a More Affordable Steak, Ask for One of These Lesser Known Cuts

If you love to eat your steak at home, you probably have a reliable way to cook it to perfect tenderness . But what if you go to the butcher and find that your favorite slices are selling at astronomical prices? Answer: ask about these lesser known substitutes at an affordable price.

Trying to find something cheaper than a $ 20 a pound skirt steak, Epicurious editor Matt Dacor chooses the brain of an entire butcher. It turns out that there are many cuts that are not in demand, but just as delicious. Some examples:

  • Faux-hanger steak (also known as bavette or fillet)
  • Entranha steak
  • Oyster steak
  • Shoulder (also known as beef shoulder stew)

Duckor lists the best ways to use each piece of meat: for example, an artificial hanger eats much less than a real hanger steak, and looks more like a skirt steak. Oyster steak is inherently tender, so try not to overcook it.

Meanwhile, at First We Feast, Erin Mosbo chats with another animal butcher about other slicing options, including the following steaks:

  • Steak surprise
  • Denver steak
  • Velvet steak

She also offers some helpful tips for other cuts of beef , such as a banana heel stew – the perfect piece of meat to try stewing if oxtail floats around your boat.

Keep in mind that these cuts, which are inexpensive but certainly less common than standard supermarket cuts, tri-tip and fillet are probably the easiest to track down from whole animal butchers who bring in whole cows and smash them. … in the House.

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