To Change Your Spending Habit, Focus on Cause and Effect.

You’ve probably heard that changing a habit helps you focus less on your goal and more on the process — the steps you take to achieve that goal. This makes your goal immediate and effective. To build this process, think about the cause and effect of your habit.

In “I Need Money ASAP,” the writer Thomas explains that it is often difficult to stick to a budget because of our spending habits. To change the habit, think about what drives you to spend money and how that spending will subsequently affect you.

He uses the famous latte example. If you’re looking to ditch your $ 5 daily latte, ask yourself what makes you buy it every day:

You might buy a $ 5 latte on your way to work. You buy it at the coffee shop you pass by every morning. To change your latte buying habit, you may have to change your way to work. Take a different route to avoid this particular coffee shop. By changing your habit of walking to work, you can break the habit of buying a $ 5 latte every morning.

But also consider the effect of spending money on a latte:

Or perhaps you buy a $ 5 latte because it gives you some energy after that. In this case, you need to find a new (and cheaper) way to get a boost. Buy a few wholesome treats in bulk and keep them in your work area for an easy, less expensive way to recharge quickly.

This is one example, but it is a smart way to shape your mindset when trying to change your spending habits. Follow the link below to find out more.

3 Reasons Why Budgeting Is Difficult | I need money ASAP


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