Build to Inevitable Conclusions to Inspire Like Winston Churchill

The performance is scary. Victory over the crowd, even more so. If you want to inspire the people you talk to during your presentation, lead them to the inevitable conclusion.

As The Art of Manliness explains, Winston Churchill became famous for his speeches. While they played with words and rhythms, they were also built on solid arguments that attracted the listener. Every good speech should have a climax, and it should be as inevitable as it is inspiring:

Sometimes collecting evidence comes down to simply repeating the same word several times, but in slightly different ways. “If you have an important point,” Churchill advised, “don’t try to be cunning or smart. Use a coprometer. Hit the spot once. Then come back and hit one more time. Then he hit him a third time – a terrific blow.

If your speech or presentation doesn’t end up with an obvious clump of everything you’ve already presented, try restructuring a little. Don’t let the argument die down at the end, you won’t go anywhere. The end will be what most people remember. Make it something to remember.

Winston Churchill’s Guide to Public Speaking | The art of masculinity


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