This Video Shows You How to Make McDonald’s Fries at Home.

Many of us strongly believe that french fries at McDonald’s are the best french fries. You don’t have to go to fast food to get an almost identical version that you can make at home.

PopSugar takes the ingredients and processes what McDonald’s uses to redesign the fries. Like the Serious Eats wannabe recipe that we salivated over before , the PopSugar recipe uses peanut butter instead of the butter mix that McDonald’s uses (but no vinegar on the Serious Eats version). In this version, instead of dextrose, McDonald’s added corn syrup to make the fries caramelized, and added beef tallow to simulate a McDonald’s meat-flavored bath. As with the very crispy fried chicken , you give the potatoes a second fry to get very crispy.

Watch the enthusiastic video above to see the whole process, or the link below for the text version. Or head here for more McDonald’s wannabe recipes and tips.

Home Secret of French Fries at McDonald’s | PopSugar


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