Pixelmator Is Now Available for IPhone

iOS: The iPad version of Pixelmator released last year was fantastic and the app is receiving an update today that brings iPhone compatibility and a new distortion tool.

The smaller screen size on the iPhone makes Pixelmator a little harder to use than the iPad, but it’s still just as powerful. Since the screen is smaller, the app uses a variety of pop-up panels to choose which tools to use, which means you’ll need to do multiple taps through the context menus to customize your tools. It’s a bit frustrating to press, but still does a pretty admirable job of making photo editing on your iPhone believable, if not enjoyable. All the serious editing tricks in the iPad version are here (along with the new distortion tool), so if you have the patience to deal with a small screen, Pixelmator on iPhone is a powerful tool. In any case, if you already have an iPad app, it is worth taking a look at the iPhone, as the update is free.

Pixelmator ($ 4.99) | ITunes App Store


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