Most Popular 3D Printing Service: Shapeways

It’s easier than ever to 3D print something. Whether it’s a prototype or a spare part, there are many places to get it done. Last week, we asked you to make a choice and then compiled a list of five of the best 3D printing services . Now we are back with your loved one.

Reliable, affordable and suitable for both 3D printing experts and newbies, Shapeways ranked first in our poll with 43% of the total votes. You loved the fact that they support many different materials, they have designers to help people unfamiliar with 3D printing, and they offer tons of additional services and options for people who want to bring their ideas to life.

Second place and over 31% of the vote went to your local library , many of which offer users low-cost or completely free 3D printing services. Many of you mentioned that you didn’t even know that libraries offered 3D printing, and while some of you said that none of the libraries near you knew, others made a more than welcome discovery. Third place and 10% of the votes went to You3DIt , a partner finder that offers people what they need to print, along with printers and designers willing to do it. MakeXYZ , another partner finder with an excellent and well- curated print directory, came in at fourth place with over 8% of the vote. Finally, in second place was Ponoko , a service that provides 3D printing, laser etching and more at affordable prices, with just over 5% of the vote.

To learn more about each of them, as well as honorable mentions not listed here, be sure to return to our full Hive Five feature to find out more.


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