10 Best Smart Ways to Organize and Upgrade Your Garage

The garage is often an abandoned and dirty place. However, with a small organization and a few handy projects, we can get much more value out of our garages as well as modernize them. Here are our 10 best garage remodeling ideas.

10. Install the ceiling storage system.

This DIY project will help you make better use of your garage space and get things off the floor. All materials cost around $ 75 and are a great way to store rarely used items like holiday decorations.

9. Store gardening tools and other utensils wisely on the wall.

With just two planks and a saw, you can make this simple wall tool rack . For small tools, there is always a reliable perforated board (and alternatives ). If you have a lot of tools, maybe you fit mounted system for punching or this trolley on wheels .

8. Make a wall-mounted folding workbench.

If your garage is tight on space but you still want to use it as a workspace, this DIY wall mounted folding workbench not only stores your tools, but also provides space for your project as needed.

7. Upgrade your Garage workshop with simple DIY projects.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to upgrade your garage workshop. A sheet metal workbench lid, PVC drawer organizers, and custom storage items can go a long way towards making your garage a more pleasant place to be at home. You can also build your own garage storage shelves for under $ 50, or turn an old filing cabinet into a storage space for gardening tools .

6. Create an entire storage wall system.

Or perhaps do your best and turn your entire wall space into a storage system for everything from your tools to your garden hose and ladder. The best part about this project is that you can customize it exactly to your storage needs.

5. Facilitate garage parking with judicious use

One experience is enough: knocking down a bicycle or hitting a car door against a wall to cause some damage. Universal pool noodles can protect your car door from the wall . You can also make your own $ 10 garage parking bumper to never drive too far into the garage. You can also hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling to always drive up to the desired location.

4. Use your garage for more than just storage.

If you have garage space and somewhere else to park your car, consider turning that space into more than just storage. Pictured above is the office half of the 2-car garage . Offices located in garages can look surprisingly like a regular home office . If you don’t need office space, you might want to turn your garage into a home gym .

3. Monitor the condition of open or closed garage doors.

Forgetting to close the garage door can be dangerous when thieves and animals are on the hunt. Make your own garage door indicator so you can see if the garage door is open at a glance from the room. Alternatively, you can create an open garage alert system with an old radio controlled car and controller, or monitor your door status using your phone and touch system .

2. Open the garage door using your phone.

When you want the garage door to open, your phone can be a remote control. Siri and the Raspberry Pi do the magic for iPhone users, while the Bluetooth board and free app do the job on Android. (The latter project also starts your machine remotely from your phone!)

1. Divide your garage into zones.

You probably have many options for using your garage and loads of storage there. Divide this space into six separate zones so you can find things easier and put them away faster. And there might even be a place in the garage for your car.

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