ValueMyCV Analyzes Your Resume and Estimates Your Potential Income

If you want to get a general idea of ​​your earning potential, there are many helpful resources. But a lot of what you “stand” for is based on individual factors – your unique skills. This tool scans and analyzes your resume to give you a more personalized idea of ​​how much you should be earning.

Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool scans your resume and finds keywords that evaluate details like qualifications, experience, and industry. It then uses text mining, processing that information with a suite of industry-standard algorithms to give you the total expected earnings. According to site co-founder Andrew Hunter:

The ValueMyCV model has been trained using Adzuna’s payroll estimation technology as well as tens of thousands of real resumes, and will continue to learn and improve based on usage. But we’ve also done a lot more with this tool – providing automated resume improvement tips, career advancements, and personalized your jobs based on your resume. The tool analyzes over 100 different aspects of your resume, such as work experience, job titles, academic background, and location, to determine your market rank. Machine learning technology has been used to build a predictive model for the complex relationship between these data points and individual wages. When a user uploads their profile to ValueMyCV, a set of data points from their resume is processed by a model, which then generates a statistical estimate of their salary, along with job offerings, resume improvements, and career paths.

This is a UK based company, so if you are not based in the UK you will have to convert your result. I think their estimate is fairly accurate, but keep in mind: this is still an estimate. The earning potential is not absolute. There are variables that you can’t even get by looking at your resume – like how well you can negotiate your salary. After all, anything that gives you an estimate of how much you can earn is offering only that – an estimate. However, it can sometimes be helpful to get a rough idea of ​​where you are. Another thing to keep in mind when using this tool: since it is based in the UK, the data is also based on UK labor markets.

The tool also offers tips on how to improve your resume and shows you keywords that stand out. It’s useful to see how your resume might be perceived and you can tweak it as needed.

Adzuna stores your information, including the information on your resume. Hunter has assured us that your information is 100% confidential and that you can request that your resume be deleted after upload. You can read more about their privacy policy here .

To try it for yourself, follow the link below.

ValueMyCV | Azuna via shortlist


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