This Chart Shows How Much Food to Serve While Cooking for the Crowd

One of the hardest parts of having a party or other large gathering is figuring out what the food is. There is a calculator for tips on wine and other alcoholic beverages , but how much should you buy for certain foods?

This table from Chef Menus, which publishes the Cooking for the Crowd e-book, suggests an approximate amount of food to buy for a group of 50. Obviously you can do the calculations for a different batch size and the chart suggests serving sizes per person as well.

The table covers breakfast foods, soft drinks, meats, fruits and vegetables, desserts and snacks. Here is a snippet (the diagram is too long to be inserted completely). The sum for 50 people is the first column of numbers, and the last column is the serving size per person:

Visit the chef’s menus for complete information, as well as menus for dinner parties and other types of meetings.

Food quantity table | Chef’s menu


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