Double Your Next Serving of Rice or Quinoa so You Can Have a Lazy Snack Later

The next time you cook rice – or quinoa, or Bulgarian grain, or any other grain – cook twice as much as you need. Surplus keeps well in the refrigerator and is a quick and easy base for rice bowls, hearty salads, fried rice, or any other “I don’t know what to do” quick meal.

If you’re not used to cooking at home , it’s hard to come up with something new every day, but this simple tip from Epicurious is worth keeping in mind the next time you make rice or other grain. Since it keeps so well in the refrigerator, one scoop of cooked rice or some cold quinoa is all you need for lunch or a lazy dinner after you’ve cooked up your weekend masterpiece.

After all, cooked rice is a great fried rice even days after you’ve cooked it, and some chilled quinoa is a great salad topping. Follow the link below for quicker tips like these to get better and more efficient at home cooking.

57 Things You Can Do To Cook Better Now | Epic


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