Save Space by Packing Long Sleeve Shirts With This Method

When you travel, it is very important to bring light things with you. Here’s a trick to wrap your long sleeve shirts tightly without wrinkling them too much.

We showed you how to save space by rolling your clothes , but this method works best for long sleeve shirts, jackets, and other outerwear.

The video above (at 2:43) shows how it’s done, but here’s a step by step:

  1. Unfold the shirt and button up all other buttons. Then fold the collar up.
  2. Fold the sleeves diagonally in front of the shirt in an “X”.
  3. Smooth out wrinkles. At this point, you can either fold multiple shirts on top of this one before rolling, or roll this shirt individually.
  4. Lift up a few inches of fabric at the bottom of the shirt and fold the sides of the shirt inward into sections that are about one-third the width of the shirt.
  5. Roll down tightly, starting at the collar.
  6. Use a few centimeters at the bottom of the shirt to hold the roll together.

You will need to get rid of wrinkles on your shirts on arrival, but there are easy ways to get rid of wrinkles without an iron if your destination doesn’t have one.

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