Work Faster, Not More Hours, to Make Better Use of Your Work Day

When you are late for work, it is common to solve a problem with a lot of hours. Instead, try to get lightning fast work done quickly without distractions during normal work hours.

Most of the time we work, we do it leisurely. We do this for a reason: the constant overdrive can burn you out. However, it also means that there are always ways to get things done faster. Whether it’s making a certain routine more efficient or just feeling urgency and typing faster, you can get more done in the same time and save your weekend:

I always tell people to work harder, to hurry. I truly believe that people could watch Scandal an hour less and do some freaking work instead. But there is one more variable that I don’t talk about enough: be much faster in the hours you are already using. Train yourself to do a little more every hour than usual. Every day I add something and everything is ready. In the first few days, you may not be able to get everything done, but keep adding and you will succeed. This is preparation for a marathon. It takes time, but once you’re done, you’ll see that you’re doing a lot more in a day because you’re moving faster.

When you push yourself to work faster, you may find that, over time, fast becomes the new norm. Tasks that previously took you an hour can be reduced to half an hour. The emphasis on speed may not always be necessary – and if the quality of your work begins to deteriorate, you can count on the pace yourself – but the more you can get done in each work day, the less you will have to work off hours.

It’s not just about working harder; You also need to work faster | Medium through 99u


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