Save Water in Your Garden With Smart Plant Groups

When deciding where to place your plants, consider not only their sun and soil needs, but also how thirsty they are. Group them appropriately for a more water-efficient landscape.

The Realty Times reports:

By harvesting plants based on how much water they need, you will cut down on time and water consumption. By bringing together plants that require less water, you can avoid over-or under-watering. Do the same for plants that need a lot of water and plant them in the same area.

  • The most thirsty should go together, perhaps near the house, to take advantage of the rain that falls from the roof.
  • Place plants that need drip or rainwater irrigation away from thirsty plants.
  • The farthest from thirsty plants will be plants that practically do not need watering.

These tips and more in the article below can lower your water bill, help you save thousands of gallons of water a year, and cut your outdoor water use by 20% or more.

6 Water-Saving Landscaping Ideas | Realty Times


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