Organize Your Closet by Making Everything Inside Visible

Cabinets and pantries can get quite messy, making it difficult to find what you need. You can simplify scanning by adjusting it so that everything inside your pantry is visible when you open it.

A similar fate befell many wardrobes. They are filled to the brim with food and spices, but half of them are never used because they are hidden behind something. Cambria Bold at The Kitchn has a rule to help you avoid this: make sure you see everything. Install drawers, buy stackable containers, use lazy susans, or cascade items large and small in the back. You can always see at a glance what you have, and everything will have its place. If you don’t have room for it, Bold assumes it’s good because it forces you to throw things away. Do you really use whatever takes up pantry space anyway?

My golden rule of organizing kitchens and cupboards | Kitchen


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