Why Play Cool When a Child Falls and Looks at You

It’s hard not to flinch when you see someone fall, hit their head, or run over someone. When a child does this, he usually looks at the adult to see how he should respond. For this reason, it is best to keep it cool.

In response to a user who asks how to respond when their child trips and falls, one Quora user explains:

This three-second delay between falling and crying is usually the result of their reaction to you. You get scared, making them think something terrible has happened and they start crying. Wait and see what they do. If they seem normal, help them up if they still can’t handle it. Let’s get back to the game. The fall is part of childhood, not an event. Don’t make it one thing. If they are injured, it’s even more important not to worry. A frightened child needs someone who controls and takes care of everything. Give them first aid or take them safely to the emergency room.

Although I have no children myself, I have learned this from my own experience. I used to work in kindergarten, and every time a child hurt himself, I immediately worried and asked if everything was okay with him, even if he just tripped or hit the table. My reaction usually made them cry.

A colleague, a mother, advised me to fight the urge to cringe and instead smile and remain calm. I tried it and it worked great. When they looked at me, I said, “Are you okay, huh?” and they usually laughed it off or nodded and went about their business.

If they are sincerely injured, of course, that’s another story. But in such minor accidents, you need to stay calm and let them know that everything is in order.

What should be my reaction if my child trips and falls? | Quora


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