Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

Google Trusted Places Disables Your Geofencing Lock Screen

Android: The Smart Lock feature in Android allows you to selectively disable the lock screen based on certain criteria, such as location. A recent update to this feature allows you to set geofencing zones around a location, rather than just typing in a street address.

Hear Wikipedia for ambient sound editing while editing in real time

Ambient sounds are great for helping you focus and increasing your productivity . Listen to Wikipedia plays a symphony of ambient bells, strings and deep resonant notes that represent real-time edits to Wikipedia.

Balanced encourages you to work on your goals, tells you what to do next

iOS: An application designed to help you form the habits and achieve your goals, there are a dime a dozen , but the Balanced – one of the most simple and flexible to use. Instead of making you feel guilty if you break the chain , the app gently reminds you of what you would like to do.

GoConqr lets you explore, save and share notes, flash cards and more

Web / Android / iOS: GoConqr gives students and teachers the ability to download and organize class notes, flashcards, mind maps, quizzes, and more. Whether you are using it to teach a student or a teacher using it to distribute materials in the classroom, there are tools to help you find what you want to learn.

Easy Copy automatically sends the text you copy to other apps

Android: Copying text to your phone is a little awkward, but switching between apps just to make a call is an even bigger problem. Easy Copy helps fix this by allowing you to trigger text actions such as making a phone call or looking up an address.

TextBar inserts any text you want into your menu bar

Mac: Sometimes you want instant access to a string of data, but you don’t want to waste space launching an application. TextBar is a small utility that allows you to put any text string on the menu bar, including shell commands and other scripts.

DeGeo camera takes photos without specifying a place to record

iPhone: We’re fans of using DeGeo to remove location information from photos , but if you’d rather skip this step altogether, DeGeo Camera never records your location from the start.


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