Prepare Pizza Without Kneading Using a Food Processor and Freezer

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially homemade pizza. However, if you find it painful to make the dough, try this very simple method.

Suzanne Lenzer shared her pizza dough recipe and technique with the New York Times. You don’t need to knead because you just load five ingredients into the food processor and turn it on for 2 minutes. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the dough to rise because you store it in the freezer and then defrost it in the morning when you want to make a pizza for dinner. This has several advantages:

Freezing solves many problems. First, it allows you to always have dinner at hand. With the food processor turned off, making two or three batches of dough is almost as easy as making one. Whipping a few at once means homemade pizza can be commonplace two or even three times a week.

And if you freeze the dough and then let it melt for an extended period of time, you don’t have to look after it. Once it is taken out of the freezer and placed in the refrigerator, the yeast is reactivated, the flavor continues to develop, and the dough remains stationary until lunchtime.

While it’s not as easy as a two-ingredient pizza made with Greek yogurt (which you still need to knead), it might be the easiest way to prepare large batches of pizza dough ahead of time and make sure you can eat your homemade pizza any night. … a week.

Homemade pizza, easier and faster | The New York Times via My Money Blog


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