Listen to Wikipedia to Work With Ambient Sounds While Editing in Real Time

Ambient sounds are great for helping you focus and increasing your productivity . Listen to Wikipedia plays a symphony of ambient bells, strings and deep resonant notes that represent real-time edits to Wikipedia.

Designers Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi use Wikipedia’s change feed to capture several different types of edits happening right now: additions, deletions, big changes, and even new users. Each time a change occurs, a note is played depending on the type and size of the edit. Not only is it enjoyable to listen to Wikipedia, but it’s also fun to watch. Bubbles of all sizes appear, showing the editing theme. If you click on it, you will be shown exactly what has changed. You can enable up to 35 different languages ​​for monitoring, but in English alone, you can view up to 100 edits per minute. You can listen and watch from the link below or download the app from the iOS App Store .

Listen to Wikipedia | Hatnote via CityLab


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